Well... I've found GMs and coders, so the gm apps are closed. It will maybe open later if we get more players. so VOTE!!! :D

I will maybe close the boss FM because Pianus give f*****gs much exp. Rebirth in some seconds lol....
Current GMs are me, daniel, pizza, balls and Pause.
I am too lazy to create a forum now lol ._.

Enjoy playing :D

Welcome to Nirvana Stories

Welcome to the new server.
Me, Kevin, is the owner and Daniel is the server runner.
We use hamachi, but we will make it non hamachi later. We have problems to do it, if you know how to do, please contact us :)

We have currently 1 Owner and 2 GMs. The GM APPS will be open. We need one coder and one normal GM(Level4).

My idea with Nirvana Stories was that Nirvana has something with buddhism to do, we need to rebirth many times to come to "nirvana".
So now I will make a character with 1000 rebirths, maybe 500 to a level 1 GM, maybe 2 XD.

The rates are currently 2000x EXP, 2000x Mesos and 2x Drops

If you need any help, just contact us.

Hamachi servers: HamachiSucksBalls and HamachiSucksBalls(1-10)
Pass: 123

Oh btw... The server is not 24/7, more information will come later.

Have fun playing :D

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